About Mint and Cocoa

Luz Elena Silva


I’m Luz. The photographer behind Mint and Cocoa. I’m a mom of 2, a crazy active loving 4 year old boy and a sweet, patient and tough 1.5 year old girl. They are my perfect combo. Kinda like mint and cocoa. I’m a concert fanatic, tea lover, promoter of a sustainable life, and I make the most addictive granola ever.

How it started

It all starts with a tiny moment

I’m obviously obsessed with my kids and with documenting their lives. There was a particular moment, when I realized why I wanted to do it professionally. We were traveling, and we decided to take an ice cream break… (obviously chocolate mint). My son and I were sharing it and my husband took a picture of us. That moment was perfect. We were all happy. And even though that moment is engraved in my mind, looking at the photo I can remember all the small details. The smell of his hair, the taste of the ice cream, the wind in our faces, the chatting of people around us, the chocolate in his mouth…

He was too little to remember, but one day he’ll look at the photo and I’m sure he’ll know what I’m talking about. That’s the moment I realized the true value of a photograph.

I realized how important it is to celebrate and capture the tiny moments. Their first birthday, their favorite activities, their favorite toys, the way they look at us… I’m here not just to take a family photo, but to create a memory that you can go back to and remember for the rest of your life. You have an idea or something to celebrate? I’d love to help you plan it and photograph it!

Celebrating and documenting the tiny moments that give meaning to our lives